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Cookies coming out of the OvenOven Starter Kit 2
“It doesn’t take a lot of room to make a lot of dough.”

– Otis

Few can deny the irresistible magic of fresh baked cookies. In fact, 72% of customers are motivated to buy cookies based on that unforgettable fresh baked aroma1. So capitalize on what customers want by baking your own fresh baked cookies, right in your place of business.

And if you think cookies are too hard to bake or you lack the equipment to do it, think again. Otis Spunkmeyer makes it easy with a free countertop oven that bakes Otis Spunkmeyer cookies to perfection every time

Plus, with an assortment of other Otis Spunkmeyer merchandising solutions, it will be hard not to draw the attention of every customer that walks in your door.

Why an Otis Oven? – Drives Impulse Sales, Increases Sales and Profit

  • Simple to operate, pre-set and compact in size, our oven allows you to bake perfect cookies every time
  • Bakes up to 3 dozen cookies at one time
  • Uses a standard 120v outlet and is UL approved
  • Perfect for any retailer or business that is not equipped to bake food – its not just for foodservice operators
  • All cookie flavors bake up at the same time and temperature, so you can bake several of our mouthwatering varieties simultaneously

1 Dessert Preference Study, 2007

Cookie, Just Right Baking photoCookie, Just Right Baking99531
Cooling Rack photoCooling Rack93107
Oven Baking Pan photoOven Baking Pan96150
Oven, Triple Rack, 120V photoOven, Triple Rack, 120V96200
Pot Holder photoPot Holder96160
Timer photoTimer96170

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