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Introducing Otis Spunkmeyer's Ultimate Thaw-and-Serve Muffins

Consumers told us that the ideal muffin should be a total sensory experience.  They want to see a well defined crown and generous inclusions inside and out.  They also insist that a muffin should taste every bit as good as it looks.

We took their input to heart and are proud to bring you new Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme Muffins, delivering the premium quality and taste of fresh-baked with all the convenience of thaw-and-serve.

  • Each delicious muffin is bursting with rich fruits, nuts, or chocolate from top to bottom
  • The abundant crowns are topped with specially prepared streusels and other delectable toppings that maintain the fresh-out-of-the-oven look and texture even after freeze / thaw
  • "Tulip-style" cups create a distinctive look and elicit a "Wow, I've got to try one of those!" reaction
  • Baked to perfection-every moist bite is a treat!

Make the Switch from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme Muffins have the look, taste, and texture to drive incremental sales with increased impulse and repeat muffin purchasing.  In fact we recently test marketed Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme Muffins and found that -

  • Operators who replaced their current muffins with Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme Muffins experienced muffin sales increases anywhere from 40% to more than 200%!
  • 97% of consumers surveyed rated Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme muffins "Very Good" or "Excellent," and 88% said they would buy them again
The best muffins you ever thaw.

- Otis

You'll love the labor saving convenience of the thaw-and-serve Otis Spunkmeyer Supreme Muffins.  They'll help you minimize prep, spoils, and waste, while maximizing sales.

  • Supreme Muffins are immediately frozen after baking to lock in freshness
  • Supreme Muffins thaw at room temperature in under an hour and remain fresh for up to 7 days with proper storage
  • With inventory always on hand, you'll never miss out on muffin sales opportunities

Apple Cinnamon Pecan4oz - Bulk06245
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Blueberry Crumb Cake4oz - Bulk06201
Carrot Cake4oz - Bulk1990
Decadent Chocolate Chunk4oz - Bulk06220
Triple Berry Whole Grain4oz - Bulk06230

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Blueberry Crumb Cake
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Decadent Chocolate Chunk
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