Chippery Gourmet

Chocolate ChunkOatmeal RaisinCandy Cookie with M&Ms

Gourmet in Every Way with a Homemade Taste

We all know that nothing beats the taste of a good homemade cookie. That’s why Otis Spunkmeyer offers Chippery Gourmet cookie dough. Whether it’s the scratch baked look or the great taste, these cookies are great sellers in any location. Chippery Gourmet cookies are subtly sweet and look exactly like grandma used to make; your customers will swear they were made from scratch!

Chippery Gourmet Cookies

  • Loaded with the finest ingredients –premium chocolate, chunks of nuts, plump raisins and so much more!
  • Available in an abundance of customer favorite flavors
  • No preservatives and 0 grams trans fat.
  • Cookie dough comes frozen and pre-portioned. No thawing, scooping or mixing
Candy Cookie with M&M's®1.5oz - 20 lbs.1278
 3oz - 20 lbs.1573
Chocolate Chip1.5oz - 20 lbs.1367
 3oz - 20 lbs.1728
Chocolate Chunk1.5oz - 20 lbs.1368
 2oz - 20 lbs.1418
 3oz - 20 lbs.1729
 4.5oz - 20 lbs.1749
Oatmeal Raisin1.5oz - 20 lbs.1369
 3oz - 20 lbs.1730
Peanut Butter1.5oz - 20 lbs.1416
 3oz - 20 lbs.1747
Sugar1.5oz - 20 lbs.1415
 3oz - 20 lbs.1746
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut1.5oz - 20 lbs.1417
 3oz - 20 lbs.1748

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Candy Cookie with M&M's®
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chunk
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut Butter
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
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