Merchandise Your Way to Profits with Otis Spunkmeyer

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Let’s face it, it takes more to keep the register ringing than great tasting products. You need to let people know they are there. When you partner with Otis, you have a variety of merchandising options available to you. Place your displays in high traffic areas; position them close to your register for impulse purchases or near beverages for a perfect pairing.

Keep displays looking their best – clean and fully stocked for maximum appetite appeal.  Vary the selection of items to satisfy any craving. We know what works to keep Otis products selling.

Properly merchandising your products will impact your sales potential.  Well merchandised items will increase your sales as most baked goods are impulse purchases. Otis knows that!

Offering Free Merchandising Displays to Meet your Needs 

  • Miltitiered displays that help you save on precious counter space
  • Free standing floor racks that let you merchandise prepackaged cookies or individually wrapped muffins
  • A wide range of packaging that lets you package multiples and encourages purchases for gift giving and special events
  • Oven Kit - Perfectly bakes up to three dozen cookies at a time (Small size 23”x22”x12”)

Would you like to get into the fresh-baked cookie business?  We can provide you a pre-calibrated oven free of charge as long as you maintain a minimum order. You will also receive three baking pans, an oven mitt and a timer. You can bake up to 3 dozen cookies at a time - there are no contracts to sign. Of course, Otis cookie dough will bake up perfectly in your oven too.

For more information on Otis Spunkmeyer and the markets we serve, contact your sales representative or call 1.888.ASK.OTIS.

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